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The Village's plan will negatively impact

your wallet and our community!


Wednesday, April 6th 12:00 - 9:00 pm

Village Hall, 55 Manhasset Ave

The Village Board wants you to approve a $600,000 bond + up to $200,000

for the construction of a new office on Circle Drive, a quiet residential street.

While they say $800,000 is the estimated maximum cost, and homeowners

will pay an additional $40 per year, THE NUMBERS JUST DON'T ADD UP!

The Village provided: (click blue underlined words to link to relevant docs) 

  • One estimate with vague and/or underestimated line items instead of putting project out for multiple bids which would offer concrete numbers. (ie: the Village estimates $5k to temporarily drop the wires for the move. Yet PSEG says the Village has not inquired about the cost so NO estimate has been provided.)

  • No costs for items their plan will need, like retaining walls or a generator. 

  • No Home Inspection Report and claims that the house is in pristine condition. Yet a recent report shows significant issues, such as the need to replace the cedar roof and repair/treat termite damage.

  • Tax Analysis that does not include: 

    • Annual costs like utilities, landscaping, insurance, pest control, alarm, etc.

    • Budget for repairs, which can be costly on old homes (Village said it's included in inflation #s)

    • Accurate costs for current & future rentBased on the Village lease agreement the rent calculated is inflated, shifting the break even point later

Don't Let Our
Elected Officials
Put Our Village at
Financial Risk


Given the Village's

multitude of omissions and inaccuracies,

they cannot accurately calculate

the tax impact of this project.

Want More Details About The Major Problems
about the Negative Impact of the
Village's Proposal on YOU & Our Community? 
See Below...

"There hasn't been

enough time

to do this

project properly."

  - Trustee Pat O’Neill
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