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The Open Green Space Benefits the Entire Village

Whether you live on Apsen Gate, Andover Court, Gristmill Lane or any other street in the village, if you use the Village’s LIRR Parking Lot on Stonytown Rd. you are benefitting from the open green space. By providing safe walking access to the train for 65+ residents living on the East Side of the Village this lot takes pressure off the Village LIRR Parking Lot, leaving precious parking spots available to residents living farther away. Should residents who currently walk feel unsafe due to changes to the property they may choose to exercise their right to park in the village LIRR parking lot.

Everyone benefits from clean air and healthy aquifers. This open lot will lose approximately 20 trees (See Schematic Plan attached) if the project moves forward. The lot coverage including the building, patio, driveway and parking spaces will be about 40%, close to 6000 ft² of impervious surface coverage.

It is the last open green space in the East end of the Village and serves as a place for children to play in and for residents to meet. Residents in the Park Section have an open parcel of land to enjoy. Residents in the North end of the Village have rights to the Manhasset Bay Estates Beach Association, Residents in the Mills live next to the Science Museum property with its open spaces and walking trails. All we have on this side of the Village is this tiny sliver of green. Let’s not destroy it.

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