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Inspection Report Reveals Termite Infestation, Issues with Roof & Circuit Breaker - Richardson House

During the February BOT, the Superintendent of Buildings, Mr. Edward Butt, has referred to the Richardson House condition as "solid". Yet, no housing inspection report, a standard when purchasing real estate, has been provided to the public to review. The Richardson House was on the market prior to its acquisition by a developer. A potential buyer commissioned a Home Inspection Report, which is attached below for the public to review.

The findings listed in the Home Inspection Report that was conducted over a year ago (January 23rd, 2021) are concerning. The overall rating of the house is FAIR. A FAIR rating is described as the following (taken from the report, page 28):

"FAIR - Fair overall condition, less than satisfactory performance, barely adequate or slightly inadequate to meet demand, nearing end of average projected life span."

While Mr. Butt commented during the February BOT meeting that the electric panel issue and the hot water issue were addressed, there was no comment on the roof's condition and its need for replacement, the termite infestation, the possible boring beetle damage, the double tap circuit breaker in the electric panel and the GFCI rated outlets that are needed.

In the estimated budget, that is presented as part of the bond information, there is no budget allocated to address all the issues that are presented in the Richardson House Home Inspection Report. These costs can be significant. The Richardson House Home Inspection Report was conducted over a year ago (January 23rd, 2021). The house has been vacant for a very long time. The current house conditions may have worsened. The residents request that the Board provide an updated house inspection report with estimated costs to fix any current findings, before the bond vote (April 6th, 2022). Not doing so presents a great financial risk that the Village of Plandome Manor will have to endure.

The Richardson House Bond Information

The Richardson House Housing Inspection Report - Jan 23, 2021
Download PDF • 455KB

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report Print
Download PDF • 91KB

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