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Rebuttal to Village's Letter

Last week, the Village of Plandome Manor issued a letter to residents in support of a RUSHED AND FINANCIALLY RISKY project to build a village office within a residential neighborhood THE LETTER LISTS SEVERAL INACCURATE AND MISLEADING STATEMENTS A THOROUGH REVIEW OF THE FACTS REVEALS THAT THIS PROJECT POSES A MAJOR FINANCIAL RISK FOR ALL RESIDENTS AND WILL NEGATIVELY IMPACT THE ENTIRE VILLAGE: "The Village will no longer be paying $55,000 to lease its present space and will own the village hall free and clear"

  • Annual rent is $52,920. Yet, the Estimated Long Term Cash Flow Analysis states that rent is $55,000 and is estimated to increase at a rate of 3% each year. But, as shown below, the rent schedule is set to remain constant at $52,920 through the year 2026

  • Furthermore, owning the village office "free and clear" ignores the INFLATION TIED cost of maintenance

"The Proposition would dramatically improve the village government's operations in a cost-effective-manor"

"The Project's remaining costs would be secured through a combination of grants and monies allocated from the village's existing capital reserve fund"

  • The purpose of reserves is to protect our village from unforeseen risks and emergencies. And, if reserve monies are significant, the funds should be used to LOWER our taxes

  • To date, there is no information to confirm that grants have been secured for this project

"The typical residential property taxpayer will pay an estimated $40 more a year, for the next 10 years, to finance the project"

"The typical residential property taxpayer will save an estimated $233 a year after the bond is paid off in ten years"

  • Given that the cost of maintenance is missing from the analysis, the estimated savings would be 50% LOWER; this means it would take 21.37 years for the taxpayer to breakeven

  • Additionally, the analysis assumes there are no UNEXPECTED COSTS related to maintaining a 300-year-old structure – any future tax savings are purely theoretical

"A professional traffic engineer estimated a new Village Hall on Circle Drive would generate no more traffic each weekday than a typical single-family home"

  • The traffic study was repeatedly contested by residents because it failed to set an accurate basis of comparison. The study also neglects to measure the type of traffic that an office attracts, often drawing non-residents, day and night, to a family neighborhood

"The historic Richardson House, originally built in the 1770s, would be saved from demolition and its conversion into the new Village Hall would significantly increase the amount of space for the village's staff and records which would help us better serve our residents"

  • The Richardson House does not have official landmark status. Only a small part of the current house was built in 1770s. Most of the house is comprised of two additions – one that was built in 1920s and another that was built in the late 1990s

  • The Village can easily increase their office space by renting a bigger location given the large amount of commercial space available at this time; it would come at a minimal cost to the taxpayer

  • In fact, if the Village increased their rent expense by 50%, the impact on each household’s taxes would be $8.78 a month … the current entry level Netflix subscription costs $9.99 a month

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