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How Much Does It Cost to Move a House?

The Board has presented a budget of $60,000 (less than 10% of the project) for moving & patching the Richardson House from its current location to its new proposed location (full bond information linked below).

To date (March 27th, 2022) the Board did not support the $60,000 estimate with a detailed proposal from a reliable vendor

To a lot of residents who had done any type of construction work or renovations on their house, that cost estimate seems very low. An article that details what is involved in a house moving operation is linked below. Several points are highlighted below:

The article provides an example of a similar size historic house move:

  • "Take the 124-year-old, 3,000-square-foot Mackenzie House on the Wayne State University campus in Detroit that will be uprooted in 2019 to make space for a new lobby and performance complex. It’ll be a $750,000 project to just go around the block."

  • "... moving a house is not an impulse decision. “It’s not something where people go ‘Eh, I’d kind of like to have my house somewhere else,’ pay 10 grand and they’re done,” "

  • "It’s a mashup of logistics and expenses, usually costing between 50%-75% of what a new build of comparable size would cost, sometimes even more than a new build."

What Does It Cost to Physically Move Your House from Point A to Point B?

The Richardson House Bond Information

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