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Wednesday, April 6th 12:00 - 9:00 pm at Village Hall, 55 Manhasset Ave

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“I don’t want to see this project proceed unless the building is landmarked
with restrictive covenants...”   
  - Trustee Pat O’Neill, Feb. 15 BOT meeting

The Village of Plandome Manor is asking

you to vote yes on a $600,000 bond to

partially fund construction of a new office,

despite commercial vacancies at a high.

  • The village has not had enough time to perform proper due diligence by gathering multiple estimates. Line-item costs are based on a single estimate.

  • There are no line items in the budget for large ticket items identified in the Home Inspection Reportsuch as termite damage repairs and treatment, as well as cedar roof replacement.

  • BOT Tax Analysis fails to include ongoing maintenance of the old structure. Including a conservative 2% annual maintenance cost will increase the projected tax impact borne by the residents over the next 10 years by 260% and reduce the future savings by close to 50%. This perpetual and inflation tied expense poses a financial risk.

  • PSEG says the Village has not inquired about the cost to temporarily drop the wires between where the home currently sits, and the Village lot (and no estimate was given). Yet the Village estimates it will cost $5000.

  • Many budget line items seem to be underestimated, such as utilities, landscaping, insurance etc. Others, such
    as retaining walls and a generator, are missing altogether.

  • If the Board increased their rent expense by 50% instead of entering into a financially risky project that changes the quality of life in the community (and is divisive), the impact on each household tax commitment would be $8.78 a month. The current entry level Netflix subscription cost is $9.99 a month.

Don't Let Our
Elected Officials
Put Our Village at
Financial Risk


Want More Details About The Major Problems With The Plan 
and It's
Negative Impact On You & Our Community?  See Below...


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